Kelowna Drywall Repair


We offer drywall repair and ceiling texture repair in Vancouver BC and surrounding areas. With one call we will take care of all the stages of drywall repair.  This includes exterior wall vapor barrier, framing, dry walling, mudding, ceiling texture, moulding & millwork, and even the painting.        CONTACT US


One of the most dreaded aspects of drywall repair is the dust that comes with it. Its harmful to the workers and the occupants of the home. Once the dust goes airborne it can travel through out the whole house making it very difficult to clean up.  We offer a NO DUST GUARANTEE using the following precautions.

Dust control poly wall



Room enclosures using plastic sheet and extendable polls to separate large rooms and create at dust barrier.




Ceiling cutter



We use a specialty drywall wall cutting tool with a HEPA dust extractor vacuum to contain and capture the drywall dust before it goes airborne.




dustless drywall repair



While sanding dry wall mud a drywall sander with a HEPA dust extractor vacuum is utilized to collect the dust.




air cleaner


And just in case any fine dust slips past and has become airborne we have a HEPA Air scrubber unit that is running during the whole process cleaning the ambient air and capturing any errant dust particles.



BEFORE                             AFTER